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Authentic data, rich in hidden-content, in non-ordinary formats, and at high frequency create endless opportunities for human capital to build innovative time-series predictive analytics and forecasting models in an ever-changing predictive intelligence architecture. Any additional data point (month) replace the previous month’s forecast with factual content - nil forecast error - and incorporate changes, if any, in policy and event drivers – like a ‘policy interest rate’ by central bank, or a spike in oil prices from a geopolitical event.

Dynamic decision-making makes significant contributions to business performance and its potential growth path. e-forecasting.com’s predictive intelligence focus-teams have the experience and technology training for generating in high frequency, and in depth, business insights for countries, regions, industries, and markets, which are useful in decision making by thought leaders. The need-focused forecasting reports offer ready-made predictions helping clients to adjust their business processes and plans for possible discovered new opportunities or tough problems dealing with industries for which they do directly or indirectly business in domestic and international markets.

Ready-Made Forecasting Publications

Semiconductor Industry
  ● North America      
  ● Europe        
  ● Japan        
  ● Southeast Asia & Pacific      
Hotel Forecasts for World's Most Popular Destinations  
  ● U.S. National Hotel Industry Forecast, Monthly   
  ● New York City Destination, Monthly    
  ● Miami Destination, Monthly    
  ● Las Vegas Destination, Monthly    
  ● London Destination, Monthly    
  ● Paris Destination, Monthly    
  ● Dubai Destination, Monthly    
  ● Abu Dhabi Destination, Monthly    
  ● more …        

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