End-to-End Consulting Domestic and Foreign Demand for Industry and Company Sales

Utilizing dynamically changing boundless human capital, e-forecasting.com delivers custom-made consulting services on predictive intelligence clients need for enhancing decision-making for core operational services, and investing in human capital and new technologies.

e-forecasting.com Methodology

e-forecasting.com classifies a potential research theme as a project (programme), assigns an evaluation internal code name, and forms an evaluation team to explore its feasibility in predictive intelligence. The project will be undertaken only when evaluation team assesses that:
  • Additional data could substantially enrich in content the project’s historic database.
  • Existing work on the project is inadequate, structurally outdated, mimicking low frequency modeling in a high frequency real world.
  • There is a high probability of returns to human capital investment on the project derived from expanding the project’s database, effective big-data modeling with diffusion techniques, and use of efficient technologies - including artificial intelligence(AI) to create innovative and disruptive predictive intelligence on the project.
  • Creation of an independent platform which groups together all components used in the research phases of the project, from raw data to an ultimate visualization of predictive intelligence.

Custom-made consulting

For custom-made forecasting platforms, e-forecasting.com uses the project-architecture modified to the client’s objectives with capabilities of incorporating segmentation of predictive intelligence to other areas like geography and economic clubs – like states, cities, national, international, Euro Area, etc., and demographic groups. A custom-made platform consists of a complete science-based predictive architecture designed to identify and optimize client’s future position in the markets relative to the past and present based on factual measured performance. Visualization of global growth trends, industry growth insights, and client’s product growth, are the foundation for client’s transformational changes needed to solve multifaceted company challenges containing investments in human capital and new technologies. Basic areas of information needed for initial evaluation of the feasibility and size (aggregation) for building a client’s platform:
  • Company objective, growth, cost, innovation, profit
  • Identify data frequency for history and forecasts (like monthly=12)
  • Contribution of forecasts in planning production, sales, etc.
  • Construction of company’s raw (accounting numbers) database (subset)
  • Mining e-forecasting.com global databases for a subset relevant to client’s inputs and outputs
  • Modeling and diffusing client’s data to explore co-movements within company and the rest of the world
  • Econometric modeling for forecast generation
  • Visualize the history and predictions in accounting data format

Delivery of visualization and background data

 There are two options in updating databases and “running the engine” of the platform at the frequency of the company’s data:
  1. Client submits to e-forecasting.com corporate data in the first week of each month (12-month frequency). At e-forecasting.com offices, the custom-made global data is updated, a data point (month) is added to all time-series, including revisions, if any, made by source. Data is checked for errors and outliers, and econometric models are analyzed for stability and consistency. The platform processes are expected to be completed by the end of the second week of the month.
  2. Client operates the platform at the company’s research facility, following a training period of company’s qualified personnel. It is expected two experts familiar with all phases of the process will be training client’s team and participate for a few months in execution of the predictive intelligence platform.

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