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World Economic Leading Analytics

Our business consulting teams build company-specific forward-looking predictive analytics and forecasting models thus arming executives with focused intelligence needed for:

  • Backbone for short-term operational decision-making
  • Foundation for long-term strategic planning

Each consulting team assembles a cutting edge, effective and statistically sound methodology to satisfy each client’s objective for business forecasting services related to company’s business and objectives. The building blocks in the company-specific solutions are:

  • Building a global data warehouse including both internal (company) and external (domestic and international) data sets as they relate to company’s businesses for inputs and outputs.
  • Creation of efficient predictor-mining process to generate relevant analytics
  • Building of econometric models for generation of forecasts

    For consulting inquiries email: research-data@e-forecasting.com 



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e-forecasting.com specializes in assembling expert teams to create predictive intelligence technologies for big-data enterprises, which could be transferred, managed and permanently used in-house by clients. Predictive knowledge-transfer, training and service are the building blocks in designing a successful client-specific delphi predictive architecture for business intelligence platforms.

For consulting inquiries email: research-data@e-forecasting.com 


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