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World (54) consumer confidence


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world (54) consumer confidence

World (54) Consumer Confidence

e-forecasting.com Debuts 52-Country Database of Monthly Consumer Confidence
DURHAM, New Hampshire USA, September 7, 2018… e-forecasting.com, a private USA-based, international research and predictive intelligence consulting firm, will debut on Friday, September 21, 2018, the first ever monthly worldwide consumer confidence database for 52 countries, which combined produce on an annual basis 76 trillion in US dollars, or 87%, of the world’s GDP.
Measured at purchasing parity prices (PPP) in international dollars the 52 countries, included in the monthly worldwide consumer confidence database, is estimated to generate this year $107 trillion of output (GDP); and, the 52 countries will spend this year on consumption about 75% of their GDP; for satisfying the needs of an astonishing 4.8 billion people living in the 52 countries, whose behavior is captured, month after month, by the predictive analytics of the debuting database.
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