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State (50) consumer confidence


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state (50) consumer confidence

State (50) Consumer Confidence

e-forecasting.com Debuts 50-State Consumer Confidence
DURHAM, New Hampshire USA, September 7, 2018… e-forecasting.com, a private USA-based, international research and predictive intelligence consulting firm, will debut on Monday, September 17, 2018, the first ever monthly consumer confidence and buying intentions database for all 50 US states, which together produce on an annual basis $20 trillion of GDP and consume 70% of it.
In line with the objective of e-forecasting.com to provide its clients premier disruptive predictive analytics for what's next, the debuting geo-specific consumer confidence database aims to become the earliest possible available decision-making tool about future state business conditions for domestic producers, retailers, worldwide exporters, B2C outlets in global electronic markets; as well as financial institutions for credit, tailored-loans and investment decisions.
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