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The Paris Luxury Monthly Hotel Forecast is a real-time monthly publication of e-forecasting.com's Hotel Insights, featuring in­depth predictions of Paris Luxury's hotel market. It presents a detailed and comprehensive look at the past, current and future business activity of this important destination.

When evaluating your hotel's strategic direction, it is important to not only understand what is currently happening in the Paris Luxury hotel market, but how this market is expected to perform in the future.

e-forecasting.com's Paris Luxury Monthly Hotel Forecast is built on four unique features:
  1. Comprehensive Proprietary Predictive Analytics - Our specific Paris Luxury market predictive analytics are used as forecasts drivers and include a variety of unique indicators that are not available elsewhere, including:
    • France's hotel industry pulse, HIP
    • France's hotel industry leading, HIL, indicator
    • Risk of recession in the hotel market, gauging probabilities for a decline in France's RevPAR
    • Paris Luxury's incoming foreign travel leading indicator, FTLI
    • France’s monthly GDP (real gross domestic product)
  2. Monthly Frequency - We strongly believe in maintaining monthly forecast models to keep pace with the hotel industry's rapidly fluctuating business cycle and changing global economic conditions and policies.
  3. Long Term Forecast Horizon - To maintain a sustainable competitive advantage, decision makers benefit from e-forecasting.com's multi­frequency forecast horizon. The Paris Luxury Monthly Hotel Forecasts provides a 24­month, 8­quarter and three­year outlook with deep knowledge of the market and overall economic environment necessary to keep hoteliers, investors, and planners one step ahead of their competition.
  4. MyHotel® Property Forecast - A unique add-on for subscribers of the Paris Luxury Monthly Hotel Forecast. Property owners, managers, and investors now have the ability to benchmark their property not only for past performance - historical analytics - but also obtain a prediction on the future performance of their Paris Luxury property relative to the market. Each property responds differently to changes in market conditions. MyHotel® offers an unparalleled level of customization and access for hotel executives to build plans and design policy based on a comprehensive and customized property level third party forecast of their individual property.

Each issue of Paris Luxury Monthly Hotel Forecast includes predictions of the key performance hotel metrics:

  • Paris Luxury forecast of hotel occupancy
  • Paris Luxury forecast of hotel room rate – Average Daily Rate (ADR)
  • Paris Luxury forecast of Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR)

In addition to covering the Paris Luxury, e-forecasting.com's Hotel Insights coverage continues to expand around the globe with key destinations from the United States (top-25 markets), Europe, South East Asia (including China), Dubai, Australia, Central and South America, and Canada.

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Our initial coverage for Europe includes markets developed with our predictive intelligence collaboration with HotStats and through our independent research of additional markets. With our HotStats collaboration, we currently have the following markets launched:

Coming soon with our collaboration with HotStats, we will also release the following markets: Historical Data Powered by HOTSTATS Hospitality Intelligence to produce Monthly Hotel Market Forecasts for 7 UK Destinations: Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Manchester, The Provinces, Total UK


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