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Predictive Analytics & Forecasts for the World's Top Destinations

Hotel business is a complex multidimensional operation that depends upon visitors demand from domestic markets, other than the property's location, and dozens of international markets from around the globe. On the supply side, the destination's climate, natural, historical, modern and cultural attributes, coupled with the overall city's infrastructure and economic activity - private or governmental - determine the attraction for and need of visiting the location and staying in hotels.
Understanding the past, knowing the present and predicting what's next in a hotel market equip decision makers with insights. Hotel insights for a destination or an individual property create opportunities. Business opportunities lead to success.

Hotel insights operates as a division within e-forecasting.com with economists, forecasters and analysts having expertise in the political and business climate from Europe to the Middle- East, Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas. This synergy provides an unparallel advantage for creating predictive intelligence in the hotel industry.

Industry Expertise
Although the e-forecasting.com name for the hotel and travel industry may not quickly ring a bell, you are likely quite familiar with our hotel forecasts. For the last decade, our economic models and databases powered Deloitte's Hotel Benchmark forecasts. The formation of STRG from the merger of STR, Deloitte's HotelBenchmark and The Bench led to a change in e–forecasting.com's corporate direction. Since then, we have worked hard to successfully improve hotel predictive intelligence, continuously adjusting, enhancing, and enriching predictive analytics which power our forecasting platform for the hotel industry worldwide.

Client Tools for Predictive Intelligence
Business intelligence looks at past data and analyzes the present, determining how a hotel is positioned relative to the market via key performance analytics. e–forecasting.com Hotel Insights provide predictive intelligence, which helps hotel executives position their property relative to future market activity, and better strategize policies and investment decisions for improving long term room yield premium.

Hotel Insights provide to clients two unique, comprehensive and friendly to use tools in report format for market wide and property-specific predictive intelligence: 
  • Hotel Predictive Analytics, featuring for countries and markets:
    • Hotel Industry Pulse (HIP)
    • Hotel Industry Leading (HIL) for business activity and RevPAR
    • Recession Risk (Probabilities for an upcoming decline in RevPAR)

  • Hotel Market Forecasts, featuring monthly, quarterly and annual forecasts for key performance hotel analytics:
    • Market Hotel Occupancy
    • Market Room Rate (Average Daily Rate)
    • Market Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR)

  • Property Forecasts. A unique, client-specific add-in to the Hotel Market Forecast, featuring forecasts of performance analytics for client's property. For first time clients on a monthly basis could track not only the past and present but also the future of their property's performance relative to the market and take actions on possible policy changes to strengthen their competitive advantage.

Geographies covered currently include 65 destinations worldwide, including markets in Europe (20 cities), China, Australia, South East Asia, the Americas (with top 25 US cities), and Dubai. Worldwide country and city expansion of coverage will continue as we work with several data providers across the globe to ensure consistent, accurate, and real-time reporting on actual data.

The tree below provides navigation links organized by tools of predictive intelligence and geographic coverage for destinations around the globe. Make your selection for market(s) information content, subscription or to contact us.

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