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For France's hotel industry, the predictive intelligence report consists of countrywide monthly predictive analytics featuring:
  • Hotel Industry Pulse (HIP)
  • Hotel Industry Leading (HIL)
  • Hotel Recession Risk (Probabilities for an Upcoming Decline in RevPAR) 
What Questions Can be Answered by France's Hotel Predictive Analytics

Business Intelligence for France's Hotels

Q: What's happening now in France's hotels?
  • How is France's hotel industry performing now?
  • When did this begin? What's its depth?
  • Has this happened before? When? How many times?
A: Visualize France's Hotel Industry Pulse (HIP)
  • France's HIP, a composite analytic of supply and demand hotel indicators, tracks monthly overall business activity for the country’s hotels, like GDP for the economy. HIP's higher order analytics, such as growth rates and ratios, measure the speed of change and the depth of a business upswing or downswing. HIP also defines hotel industry recessions in France's hotel market by providing the chronology of the country's hotel business cycle - from booms to busts.
  • The HIP's turning points define the chronology of the industry's business cycle, which can be compared to the overall business cycle. The analytic helps to historically assess whether France's hotels enter (or exit from) a recession before, after or at the same time with the overall economy.
    Visualize (charts and/or tables) an anatomy of the business cycle for a hotel market in Box 1.
  • Hotel performance statistics behave in line with the business cycle. Revenue per available room (RevPAR) for France's hotels dips when France's HIP declines; RevPAR begins to recover when HIP signals an end to recession.
    Visualize (charts and/or tables) an anatomy of RevPAR during an industry recession for a hotel market in Box 2.

Predictive Intelligence for France's Hotels

Q: What's next for France's Hotels?
A: Visualize Two Predictive Analytics for France's Hotels
  • France's Hotel Industry Leading (HIL)
  • Hotel Recession Risk - Probabilities for an Upcoming Decline in France's RevPAR
France's Hotel Industry Leading (HIL) is a single predictive analytic that sheds light on the future performance of the country's hotels. France's HIL is a composite of leading indicators related to the domestic and international future business climate, which drive visitors to the country's hotels. HIL historically and consistently changes direction before HIP. Thus, France's HIL is a forward looking composite that leads hotel performance statistics like RevPAR.
Visualize (charts and/or tables) an anatomy of HIL foretelling future movements in RevPAR for a hotel market in Box 3.

France's HIL is generated monthly using factual forward looking composite analytics such as:
  • Tightness in Labor Markets
  • Hotel Profitability
  • Foreign Demand
  • Financial Conditions
  • Intentions to Buy Big Ticket Items
  • Energy Costs
  • Business Activity in Housing Markets
Hotel Recession Risk - probabilities for an upcoming decline in France's RevPAR - is calculated by applying probabilistic econometric models, which relate historically the recession (expansion) dates derived from France's Hotel Industry Pulse (HIP) index to the forward-looking France's Hotel Industry Leading (HIL). This process generates forecasts of probabilities of an upcoming recession (expansion)and captures future business activity for France's and thus its key performance measure, Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR).
Visualize (charts and/or tables) tracking the risk of an upcoming recession for a hotel market in Box 4.

The Bottom Line

Hotel predictive analytics improve decision-making, yet there is hesitation in using them due to the high costs and complexity to create them. For France's Hotel Predictive Analytics, our team has done the hard work for you. Now, you can deploy these analytics created by our team of seasoned economists and researchers to enhance your bottom line.

"Organizations that fail to investing the proper analytic technologies will be unable to compete in a fact-based business environment"
                                                  Thomas Davenport

Since our team has worked hard to create these analytics, you do not have to spend your resources doing so. We have prepared them for you with unparalleled expertise in hotel market forecasting and analytics and are available to you at a reasonable rate.

Now is the time to inform and act. Deploy France's hotel insights and operationalize predictive analytics to drive decisions and action in your hotel business.

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