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Hotel Predictive Analytics is the most exciting and useful predictive intelligence system for timely monitoring of current and future business conditions of a the city's hotel market. Analytics convert data into information enabling a meaningful and consistent measurement of performance relative to business plan, industry, and national trends, or prior periods. The goal of Hotel Predictive Analytics is to transform information into Hotel Insights by interpreting data in a deeper way and providing actionable recommendations for improving decision making.

Rather than simply collecting data, the analytics approach relies on the aggregation of data. The analytics method connects data, helping integrate facts in a meaningful way. e−forecasting.com first adjusts raw data for recurring events such as seasonality and then filters out outliers such as specific events - so called blind spots - which debilitate informed decisions. Second, e−forecasting.com aggregates adjusted data to groups of similarly-moving contextual analytics - called composites. This process translates facts into action, which creates business intelligence.

The fact-based system of Hotel Predictive Analytics begins with the creation of an unrivaled business intelligence analytic, the Hotel Industry Pulse (HIP), which measures the pulse of current business conditions for the city's hotels relative to the past. Then, for the first time, the system generates predictive intelligence from a fact-based forward looking support system of city centric leading indicators creating the Hotel Industry Leading (HIL) composite indicator. Lastly and uniquely, the informational synergy of both HIP and HIL contributes to measuring the risk for an upcoming decline in business activity calculating probabilities for a forthcoming decline in Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR).

The tree below provides navigation links of hotel predictive analytics organized by economic blocs, countries and markets:
  • United States Hotel Predictive Analytics National
    • United States National (country-wide)
    • United States Top 25 Markets plus Las Vegas
  • International country-wide (non-USA) Hotel Predictive Analytics

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List of Top 25 US Hotel Markets & Las Vegas Predictive Analytics HIP & HIL List of Top 25 US Hotel Market & Las Vegas Forecasts
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