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Economic Forecasts by e-forecasting

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Economic Forecasts by e-forecasting

The Challenge

Business Forecasting 

Using a forecasting engine to generate predictive intelligence for corporate business; an inimitable executive tool serving as:

  • Backbone in short-term operational decision-making  
  • Foundation of long-term strategic planning.

What is a Forecasting Engine?

  • Combination of human intelligence and econometric technology that transforms factual indicators to projections of corporate-centric metrics.

e-forecasting Architecture

e-forecasting has assembled a cutting edge, effective and statistically sound methodology to implement predictive intelligence solutions for practical usage by business based on the following building blocs:

  • Creation, maintenance and real time availability of a global data warehouse containing all relevant indicators, which capture any decision tools available to market participants.
  • Conception of an efficient predictor-mining process, which transforms and transfers information from the data warehouse to the forecast engine.
  • Econometric modeling - forecast engine is built on the principle that the more effectively information is used from the data warehouse, the better the decisions of the market participants are captured from the real world and, ultimately, the more accurate the forecasts will be.

The Opportunity

  • Do not fall for the trap that says history of your sales will be the sole predictor of future sales. Ignoring the surrounding environment such as an increase in interest rates, a spike in oil prices or an upcoming recession will result in large forecast errors and hurt the bottom line.
  • Do not let any automated forecast software become the foundation of your decision-making. At take-off, landing and bad weather planes are not set on automatic pilots. The global economy is complex and ever changing. To add value to your company, business forecasting should be the outcome of human intelligence, the best technology (software) and all relevant information.
  • Cut administration and deployment costs. Stay focused on your clients and your business. Do not divert your attention away from your comparative advantage.
  • Work directly with professional forecasters. Business forecasting is our core business


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