City GDP: List of 50 major US and Global Cities GDP offered by e-forecasting

CITY GDP: List of 50 major US and Global Cities GDP offered by e-forecasting

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      NEWS & MEDIA City GDP
of the major
US and Global cities
by e-forecasting

City GDP: List of 50 major US and Global Cities GDP offered by e-forecasting

City GDP
of the major US
and global cities
can help businesses
better plan investments,
project sales,
make decisions
for future growth
in existing markets.

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Analysis of past trends and projections of city GDP, population and incomes can help businesses better plan investments, project sales, decide whether it is a good time to enter specific markets, or identify future growth in existing markets. A look at any city’s current trends and forecasts is an indispensable tool in comparing national versus rural or urban trends within each country and among countries around the globe.

e-forecasting uses national and regional accounts within a sound statistical methodology to create consistent estimates of key city-centric indicators comparable to national indicators. Each city’s GDP and incomes are expressed in dollars at purchasing power parities (PPPs) for meaningful comparisons.

In the last two decades, growth of the emerging economies has increased, thus reallocating incomes and wealth around the globe with the creation of new centers for production, trade and finance. According to latest estimates, currently about 50% of the world’s 6.5 billion people live in major cities. The United Nations estimates that in 2030, 60% of the world’s people will be living in cities. Cities are the magnet for better education, health facilities, higher incomes and business opportunities.

Global City Facts

Most of the growth in cities is expected to be in developing countries. The majority of the new mega cities are in Asia followed by Latin America.
In many countries, one half of economy-wide GDP and jobs is found in their largest city.
Cities attract young highly-skilled workers and are centers for the best universities, research institutes, innovation and entrepreneurship.
Tokyo, Paris, Zurich, Prague and Oslo produce about one-third of their country’s GDP.
New York City, one of the many United States mega-cities, generated about one trillion dollars of GDP in 2005. Across the pond, London’s GDP accounts for one fifth of United Kingdom’s GDP.
Beijing’s GDP in US dollars at purchasing power prices is about the same as New York City GDP.


New York City GDP
Los Angeles City GDP
Chicago City GDP
Philadelphia City GDP Dallas City GDP
Miami City GDP
Houston City GDP
Washington City GDP
Atlanta City GDP
Detroit City GDP
Boston City GDP
San Francisco City GDP
Phoenix City GDP
Seattle City GDP
Minneapolis City GDP
San Diego City GDP
St. Louis City GDP


Baltimore City GDP
Tampa Bay City GDP
Pittsburgh City GDP
Denver City GDP
Cleveland City GDP
Portland City GDP Toronto City GDP
Montreal City GDP
Vancouver City GDP
Tokyo City GDP
Mexico City GDP
Sao Paulo City GDP
Bombay City GDP
Delhi City GDP
Shanghai City GDP
Buenos Aires City GDP
Rio de Janeiro City GDP


Beijing City GDP
Moscow City GDP
Paris City GDP
Istanbul City GDP
Seoul City GDP
London City GDP
Hong Kong City GDP
Santiago City GDP
Madrid City GDP
Saint Petersburg City GDP
Barcelona City GDP
Sydney City GDP
Singapore City GDP
Munich City GDP
Frankfurt City GDP
Rome City GDP

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