About US Leading Economic Indicators Business Forecasting City GDP State Global Semiconductors Forecasts

About US Leading Economic Indicators Business Forecasting City GDP State Global Semiconductors Forecast

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Our Objective

Business and economic conditions affect every company's operations and its strategic planning. Our real time leading indicators, forecasts and analyses provide a unique source of predictive intelligence in monitoring the forces that drive the local, national and international markets and, consequently, influence each company's performance.
e-forecasting.com, a 1997 spin-off from infometrica inc., has been a recognized provider of business forecasting, unique indicators, analyses and information that has helped our clients track and evaluate business and economic conditions, which directly influence their industry and specific markets.
Over the last ten years, as a division of infometrica and later under our current name, e-forecasting.com has published our research and forecasts in professional journals and business forecasting outlets, including the Journal of Business Forecasting, the Conference Board and the Blue Chip Economic Indicators. More recently, our state leading indicators are published in statewide business publications under a co-branding project to help provide business leaders with this unique and timely state-level information. Currently, we have these partnerships with publications in New Hampshire, Vermont, Florida and Colorado with New Hampshire Business Review, Vermont Business Magazine, Orlando Business Journal and Northern Colorado Business Report, respectively.



Conduct complex research projects and statistical models related to customers of business including project design and research, data collection and analysis, summary of findings, recommendations and presentation of results; develops, utilizes, updates, runs and analyzes forecast models using statistical software such as Eviews, STATA; updates and analyzes comparative regional, national and international data and summarizes information; conducts research and analysis on specific projects and writes up results and press & wire service reporting of summary forecasts for industries in emerging international markets.


Masterís degree in Economics, or statistics, plus

  • Strong quantitative analytical skills as well as thorough knowledge of industrial indicators;

  • Strong ability to communicate indicators and forecast findings to clients in verbal, written, and excel format;

  • Proficient with Eviews or STATA

Please send resume & cover letter plus salary requirement to:

Kefallonia, Inc.
65 Newmarket Road, Durham, NH 03824
Attn: M. Simos.

Kefallonia, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in any way in our employment practices.
  Maria Sogard

Chief Executive Officer
Contact - maria[at]e-forecasting.com

Maria Sogard was named chief executive officer and director on December 21, 2003. Her previous business experience includes work in product development and sales at Technology Publishing Company, a portal-products and magazine publishing firm, and she was a consultant at Management Science Associates, a management consulting firm, in 2001.

    Dr. H. Aliouche

Chief Process Officer
Contact - ealiouche@e-forecasting.com

Dr. Hachemi Aliouche is responsible for tracking worldwide business trends and policies, financial analysis, and planning. He has served as financial manager at AT&T, controller at Avaya Communications, and chief financial officer at Lucent Technologies.

 Dr. E.O. Simos
Chief Economist
Contact - eosimos@e-forecasting.com

Dr. Evangelos Otto Simos, a founder of e-forecasting, is the Chief Economist of the firm. His primary work as Chief Economist and Strategist is developing our revolutionary forecasting architecture for client deliverables with his expertise in the field of forecasting and macroeconomics.






 Dr. D. Yenigun

Chief Technology Officer
Contact - dhy@e-forecasting.com

Dr. Demirhan Yenigun joined e-forecasting in 1999 as special adviser of research and was named chief technology officer in 2003. He is responsible for warehousing, mining, and Internet applications.

 L. Simos

Web Design & Development
Contact - lsimos@e-forecasting.com

Louisa Simos is responsible for web-design, e-commerce, and Internet dynamic data integration. Prior to joining e-forecasting, she served as data manager at United Underwriters, an Exeter New Hampshire based firm, and she was graphics director for International Business Conditions Digest.


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