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BUSINESS AND ECONOMIC NEWS FOR WHAT'S NEXT: Latest Press Release - Wednesday, September 3, 2014 FULL PRESS RELEASE...

August US Leading Indicator Continues to Show Slower Growth, with Current GDP Outlook on Decline: Augusts' US leading indicator continues to show slower growth, this is coupled with our recent release of our August US Macro Monthly Forecast. As we gear into the fall and planning season, it is a good idea to take a hard look at the forecast with our our US Macro Monthly Forecasts...read more...
Forecast od Growth in Monthly GDP: October 11, 2014

Historical Data Powered by HOTSTATS Hospitality Intelligence to produce Monthly Hotel Market Forecasts for the Top 7 UK Destinations: Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Manchester, and Newcastle with The Provinces plus Total UK and the German markets Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich with more to follow soon
e-forecasting Leading Economic Index (eLEI) rose 0.2% in luly 2014

Real-time e-forecasting Leading Economic Indicator (eLEI) rose 0.2% in July 2014

Conference Board's Leading Economic Index (LEI) up in June 2014

OECD's Composite Leading Indicator (CLI) grew in May 2014

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Business Forecasting Economic Forecasts Leading Indicators Real Time Monthly GDP

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e-forecasting has developed several proprietary key leading indicators to help our clients determine future trends and turning points in industries and regions. Simply put, a leading indicator is a metric whose outcome is known in advance of the metric the decision-maker wants to forecast.

The e-forecasting team has developed a platform of building blocs that includes data, targets, mining and assembly processes to generate strong company-specific leading indicators thus providing unparallel predictive intelligence.
Composite forward-looking indicators are built to drive company metrics.

Indicator-based forecasting is the best available forecasting technique to identify future “turning-points” in the behavior of a target metric. Forward-looking indicators are uniquely qualified to provide in advance the timing of changes in the direction of business activity in any market from growth to recession to recovery and back to growth


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Our core business, providing clients an inimitable executive tool to make sound business decisions. Our business forecasting service offers company-specific forecasts, thus arming executives with predictive intelligence needed as:

  • Backbone for short-tem operational decision-making
  • Foundation for long-term strategic planning
    e-forecasting has assembled a cutting edge, effective and statistically sound methodology for business forecasting to implement predictive intelligence solutions based on the following building blocs:
    • global data warehouse

    • efficient predictor-mining process

    • econometric modeling

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    e-forecasting’s strength in developing economic forecasts gives our clients confidence to move forward in the ever changing global marketplace. Projections about the economic climate are vital in business decision-making.

    Our forecasting products provide clients with higher levels of predictive intelligence by facilitating short-term operational decision-making and help plan long-term company growth. In addition, our economic forecasts enhance internal corporate forecasting by incorporating them as drivers in the company’s forecasting models.

    Forecasting products provided by e-forecasting include 58-country global, US macro monthly, US by state, US industries, forex and metals and also company-specific executive reports
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